The Swan Song Years 1974-1982 (6CD)

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Six-Disc Boxed Set Includes Recently Remastered Versions Of Every Studio Album The Legendary Group Released Between 1974 And 1982, Including Hits Like “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Run With The Pack,” “Can’t Get Enough” And “Movin’ On”

Bad Company’s real-life “Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy” began 45 years ago when the British quartet topped the album charts in America with its self-titled debut, setting group on a trajectory to become one of the most-popular bands of the classic-rock era.

Bad Company (2015 Remaster)

  1. “Can’t Get Enough”
  2. “Rock Steady”
  3. “Ready For Love”
  4. “Don’t Let Me Down”
  5. “Bad Company”
  6. “The Way I Choose”
  7. “Movin’ On”
  8. “Seagull”

Straight Shooter (2015 Remaster)

  1. “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”
  2. “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
  3. “Weep No More”
  4. “Shooting Star”
  5. “Wild Fire Woman”
  6. “Anna”
  7. “Call On Me”

 Run with the Pack (2017 Remaster)

  1. “Live For The Music”
  2. “Simple Man”
  3. “Honey Child”
  4. “Love Me Somebody”
  5. “Run With The Pack”
  6. “Silver, Blue & Gold”
  7. “Young Blood”
  8. “Do Right By Your Woman”
  9. “Sweet Lil’ Sister”
  10. “Fade Away”

 Burnin’ Sky (2017 Remaster)

  1. “Burnin’ Sky”
  2. “Morning Sun”
  3. “Leaving You”
  4. “Like Water”
  5. “Knapsack (The Happy Wanderer)”
  6. “Everything I Need”
  7. “Heartbeat”
  8. “Peace Of Mind”
  9. “Passing Time”
  10. “Too Bad”
  11. “Man Needs Woman”
  12. “Master Of Ceremony”

 Desolation Angels (2019 Remaster)

  1. “Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy”
  2. “Crazy Circles”
  3. “Gone, Gone, Gone”
  4. “Evil Wind”
  5. “Early In The Morning”
  6. “Lonely For Your Love”
  7. “Oh, Atlanta”
  8. “Take The Time”
  9. “Rhythm Machine”
  10. “She Brings Me Love”


Rough Diamonds (2019 Remaster)

  1. “Electricland”
  2. “Untie The Knot”
  3. “Nuthin' On The TV”
  4. “Painted Face”
  5. “Kickdown”
  6. “Ballad Of The Band”
  7. “Cross Country Boy”
  8. “Old Mexico”
  9. “Downhill Ryder”
  10. “Racetrack”
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