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The Elektra Years: Complete Albums Box

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Bread (1969)

  1. “Dismal Day”
  2. “London Bridge”
  3. “Could I”
  4. “Look At Me”
  5. “The Last Time”
  6. “Any Way You Want Me”
  7. “Move Over”
  8. “Don’t Shut Me Out”
  9. “You Can’t Measure The Cost”
  10. “Family Doctor”
  11. “It Don’t Matter To Me”
  12. “Friends And Lovers”

On The Waters (1970)

  1. “Why Do You Keep Me Waiting”
  2. “Make It With You”
  3. “Blue Satin Pillow”
  4. “Look What You’ve Done”
  5. “I Am That I Am”
  6. “Been Too Long On The Road”
  7. “I Want You With Me”
  8. “Coming Apart”
  9. “Easy Love”
  10. “In The Afterglow”
  11. “Call On Me”
  12. “The Other Side Of Life”

Manna (1971)

  1. “Let Your Love Go”
  2. “Take Comfort”
  3. “Too Much Love”
  4. “If”
  5. “Be Kind To Me”
  6. “He’s A Good Lad”
  7. “She Was My Lady”
  8. “Live In Your Love”
  9. “What A Change”
  10. “I Say Again”
  11. “Come Again”
  12. “Truckin’”                                     

Baby I’m-A Want You (1972)

  1. “Mother Freedom”
  2. “Baby I’m-A Want You”
  3. “Down On My Knees”
  4. “Everything I Own”
  5. “Nobody Like You”
  6. “Diary”
  7. “Dream Lady”
  8. “Daughter”
  9. “Games Of Magic”
  10. “This Isn’t What The Governmeant”
  11. “Just Like Yesterday”
  12. “I Don’t Love You” 

Guitar Man (1972)

  1. “Welcome To The Music”
  2. “Guitar Man”
  3. “Make It By Yourself”
  4. “Aubrey”
  5. “Fancy Dancer”
  6. “Sweet Surrender”
  7. “Tecolote”
  8. “Let Me Go”
  9. “Yours For Life”
  10. “Picture In Your Mind”
  11. “Don’t Tell Me No”
  12. “Didn’t Even Know Her Name”

Lost Without Your Love (1977)

  1. “Hooked On You”
  2. “She’s The Only One”
  3. “Lost Without Your Love”
  4. “Change Of Heart”
  5. “Belonging”
  6. “Fly Away”
  7. “Lay Your Money Down”
  8. “The Chosen One”
  9. “Today’s The First Day”
  10. “Hold Tight”
  11. “Our Lady Of Sorrow”
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