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Passion (CD)

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It seems hard to believe that Philippe Jaroussky has two decades of career under his belt, but Jaroussky Passion marks 20 years since the French countertenor made his professional debut and commenced his rapid ascent to stardom.

The triple album, comprising both new and previously released recordings, is a sequel to the Jaroussky anthology The Voice (La Voix des rêves), which was released seven years ago.

Disc: 1
1. Filiae maestae Jerusalem, RV 638: II. Sileant Zephyri
2. L'Ormindo, Act 2: "Che citta" (Nerillo)
3. L'Olimpiade, Act 1: "Mentre dormi" (Licida)
4. Arianna e Teseo: "Mira in cielo" (Alceste)
5. Semiramide riconosciuta, Act 2: "Se pietoso il tuo labbro" (Mirteo)
6. Giustino, RV 717, Act 1: "Vedro con mio diletto" (Anastasio)
7. Il Xerse, Act 1: "Ombra mai fu" (Xerse)
8. Niobe, regina di Tebe, Act 1: "Sfere amiche" (Anfione)
9. Gli amori d'Apollo e di Dafne, Act 3: "Misero Apollo" (Apollo)
10. Stabat Mater, RV 621: I. "Stabat Mater dolorosa"
11. Stabat Mater, RV 621: VII. "Eia Mater"
12. Confitebor tibi Domine, P. 66: V. "Sanctum et terribile nomen ejus"
13. L'Erismena, Act 2: "Uscitemi dal cor, lacrime amare" (Idraspe)
14. Stabat Mater, P. 77: X. "Fac ut portem Christi mortem"
15. Longe mala, umbrae, terrores, RV 629: I. "Longe mala, umbrae, terrores"
16. Nisi Dominus, RV 608: "Cum dederit“

Disc: 2
1. "Flow My Tears"
2. Welcome to All the Pleasures, Z. 339: III. "Here the deities approve" (Arr. Pluhar) - Christina Pluhar
3. "O Solitude, My Sweetest Choice", Z. 406 - Christina Pluhar
4. Radamisto, HWV 12, Act 3: "Qual nave smarrita" (Radamisto)
5. Partenope, HWV 27, Act 2: "Furibondo spira il vento" (Arsace)
6. Partenope, HWV 27, Act 3: "Ch'io parta?" (Arsace)
7. Serse, HWV 40, Act 1: "Frondi tenere ... Ombra mai fu" (Xerse)
8. Flavio, re de' Longobardi, HWV 16, Act 2: "Rompo i lacci" (Guido)
9. Ich habe genug, BWV 82: I. "Ich habe genug"
10. "Komm, susser Tod, komm, sel'ge Ruh", BWV 478 - Christina Pluhar
11. Jesus liegt in letzten Zugen, TWV 1:983: III "Mein liebster Heiland"
12. L'Orfeo, SV 318, Act 1: "Rosa del Ciel" (Euridice, Orfeo)
13. Orfeo ed Euridice, Wq 30, Act 3: "Che faro senza Euridice" (Orfeo)
14. "Du bist die Ruh", D. 776
15. Schwanengesang, D 957: IV Standchen
16. Fisch-Ton-Kan, D. 23: "Qui je suis, qui je suis" (Fisch-Ton-Kan)
17. Colloque sentimental (Transc. Ducros for Counter-Tenor, String Quartet and Piano)
18. Les feuilles mortes

Disc: 3
1. Polifemo, Act 2: "Placidetti zeffiretti" (Galatea, Polifemo)
2. Stabat Mater, P. 77: I. "Stabat Mater dolorosa"
3. L'Orfeo, Act 1: "Cara e amabile catena" (Euridice, Orfeo)
4. Giulio Cesare in Egitto, HWV 17, Act 1: "Son nata a lagrimar" (Cornelia, Sesto) - Emmanuelle Haim
5. Motetti a due, tre et quattro voci, Libro 3: No. 21, "O intemerata"
6. Faramondo, HWV 39, Act 3: "Caro, cara, tu m'accendi" (Clotilde, Adolfo) - Diego Fasolis
7. Orfeo ed Euridice, Wq. 30, Act 3: "Vieni, appaga il tuo consorte ... Grande, o Numi" (Orfeo, Euridice)
8. Tirsi e Fileno, S. 475: "Veggio Fille ... Parlo a Clori" (Tirsi, Fileno)
9. Niobe, regina di Tebe, Act 1: "Mia fiamma, mio ardore" (Anfione, Niobe)
10. Eritrea, Act 1: "O luci belle" (Laodicea, Theramene)
11. Magnificat in D Major, BWV 243: VI. "Et misericordia" - Emmanuelle Haim
12. L'incoronazione di Poppea, SV 308, Act 3: "Pur ti miro" (Neron, Popea)
13. Revons, c'est l'heure
14. Elegie
15. Violons dans le soir
16. "Viens, une flute invisible soupire"
17. Chanson d'automne (Transc. Ducros for Counter-Tenor, String Quartet and Piano)
18. Cet Air
19. Oh My Love

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