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12" Vinyl


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LP Track Listing:

Side One

  1. “Misunderstood”
  2. “Far, Far Away”
  3. “Monday”
  4. “Outtasite (Outta Mind)”
  5. “Forget The Flowers”

Side Two

  1. “Red-Eyed And Blue”
  2. “I Got You (At The End Of The Century)”
  3. “What’s The World Got In Store”
  4. “Hotel Arizona”
  5. “Say You Miss Me”

Side Three

  1. “Sunken Treasure”
  2. “Someday Soon”
  3. “Outta Mind (Outta Sight)”
  4. “Someone Else’s Song”
  5. “Kingpin”

Side Four

  1. “(Was I) In Your Dreams”
  2. “Why Would You Wanna Live”
  3. “The Lonely 1”
  4. “Dreamer In My Dreams” 

Side Five

  1. “Late Blooming Son”
  2. “I Got You” – Dobro Mix Warzone
  3. “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” – Alternate
  4. “Far Far Away (Dark Side Of The Room)”
  5. “Dynamite My Soul”
  6. “Losing Interest”

Side Six

  1. “Why Would You Wanna Live” – Alternate
  2. “Sun’s A Star”
  3. “Capitol City”
  4. “Better When I’m Gone”
  5. “Dreamer In My Dreams” – Alternate Rough Take

 Side Seven

  1. “Say You Miss Me” – Alternate
  2. “I Got You” – Alternate
  3. “Monday” – Party Horn Version
  4. “I Can’t Keep From Talking” 

Side Eight

  1. “Sunken Treasure”
  2. “Red-Eyed And Blue”
  3. “Far, Far Away”
  4. “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
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