Roll The Dice (CD)

Brand: Kerser

Roll The Dice is Kerser’s 9th album in as many years. It is the pure definition of Kerser, his career, his history, his unrelenting determination to breakdown industry constructs regardless of the risks or consequences.

The album features familiar and new guests as well as a bunch of insane surprise international collaborations.

Teaming up again with acclaimed Sydney producer Open Till L8, Kerser proves once more that he’s a force to be reckoned with

Track listing

1. Never Took A L
2. In The Meantime
3. Oh My God
4. Pray I Get Home ft. Morrisson
5. Falling
6. If A Pill Popper Could
7. I'm 2 Smooth ft. MIM
8. Got Me Thinkin ft. Calicoe
9. Ima Stunner ft. Kristal Cherelle
10. Never Seen Me Fall ft. Jean.
11. Rap Now ft. Rates
12. Stay Fly
13. Why You?

Release date: April 3rd, 2020