Recorded Live In Lafayette (2CD)


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Sonny Landreths unique spin on guitar playing has made him legendary. He combines the slide with fretted notes; this finger picking technique helps him create a complex, multi-layered sound onstage. Along the way Landreth has continued to develop his vision and his musical voice, growing increasingly original and diverse, expanding from blues, zydeco, folk, country and jazz into increasingly category- blurring musical excursions. The album Recorded Live in Lafayette is a perfect showcase of Landreths talents and skills; disc one contains a full acoustic set and disc two his full electric set.


Disc 1
  1.  Blues Attack  

  2.  Hell At Home  

  3.  Key To The Highway  

  4.  Creole Angel  

  5.  A World Away  

  6.  The High Side  

  7.  Bound By The Blues  

  8.  The U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile  

Disc 2
1.  Back To Bayou Teche  

  2.  True Blue  

  3.  The Milky Way Home  

  4.  Brave New Girl  

  5.  Ãœberesso  

  6.  Soul Salvation  

  7.  Walkin' Blues  

  8.  The One And Only Truth