Itinerant Arias (LP)


Item: 12" vinyl

Itinerant Arias is the fourth album from troubadour Christopher Paul Stelling. There is a fearless quality to Stelling’s songs, with a voice that sounds both old and young, and his intricate finger-picking guitar style. As a live performer, Stelling is a force of nature, performing over 400+ shows in the last 3 years. With Europe as his main touring market. Itinerant Arias finds Stelling adding a band to his recording and touring process, bringing a new dimension to his sound and powerful dynamics to his live show.


  1. Destitue
  2. The Cost Of Doing Business
  3. Oh, River
  4. A Day Or A Lifetime
  5. Sleep baby Sleep
  6. You Have To Believe
  7. Stranger Blues
  8. Badguys
  9. Red Door
  10. A Tempest