Late Night Tales (CD)


Item: CD


  • Canadian quartet BadBadNotGood take on creating the ultimate “late night” selection of tracks from their record collections.
  • Their previous critically acclaimed album IV, received recognition globally and awarded them collaborations with artists like Snoop Dogg, Kaytranada and Kendrick Lamar.  


  1. Olson
  2. Vida Antiga
  3. Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away
  4. People Make The World Go Round
  5. Home Is Where the Hatred Is
  6. Oh Honey
  7. Käes on aeg
  8. The Flower Called Nowhere
  9. Disco Dancer
  10. Anchi Bale Game
  11. Sanza Nocturne
  12. For Love I Come
  13. West
  14. Work
  15. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
  16. Baby                                                                
  17. ]Lido
  18. And I Love Her
  19. To You (Exclusive Andy Shauf cover version)
  20. The Meaning Of Love
  21. You, Me and Jim Beam