Rise (CD)

Brand: Skillet
Unwilling to stand pat or rest on their laurels, the band—lead vocalist/bassist John Cooper, guitarist/keyboardist Korey Cooper (John's wife), drummer/duet partner Jen Ledger and lead guitarist Seth Morrison, making his first appearance on record with Skillet—continue to explore new terrain on 'Rise', expertly produced by Howard Benson, who previously helmed the mega-successful 'Awake'.

It isn't just the songs themselves that make Rise so gripping, it's also the song sequences—like the radical contrast between the almost unbearable tension of 'Sick of It' suddenly giving way to the ecstatic release of 'Good to Be Alive,' or the way the closing three-song progression of 'My Religion,' 'Hard to Find' and 'What I Believe' builds to a thrilling musical, thematic and emotional crescendo.

Clearly, these songs and the album as a whole are embedded with an impassioned overarching message. This message courses with a tidal pull through Skillet's entire body of work, but on Rise, it's artfully woven into a gripping coming-of-age narrative. This sprawling work stands as the band's first concept album—though it wasn't premeditated.

Track listing
Sick Of It
Good To Be Alive
Not Gonna Die
Circus For A Psycho
American Noise
Madness IN Me
Fire and Fury
My Religion
Hard To Find
What I Believe