How Did We Get So Dark? (Super Deluxe Vinyl)

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RELEASE DATE: 16th June, 2017

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How Did We Get So Dark? Super Deluxe Vinyl - limited edition format exclusive to the band’s online store.

Each Super Deluxe Vinyl album includes:
• Bonus 7” vinyl with 2 exclusive tracks not available anywhere else
• - 1 x 10 track 12” clear coloured vinyl
• CD album
• 12 page pull-out booklet of artwork and lyrics
• Premium gatefold packaging


  1. How Did We Get So Dark?
  2. Light Out
  3. I Only Lie When I Love You
  4. She's Creeping
  5. Look Like You Know
  6. Where Are Your Now?
  7. Don't Tell
  8. Hook, Line, Sinker
  9. Hole In Your Heart
  10. Sleep


  1. Cheap Affection
  2. Half The Chance

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Both new and existing customers will be eligible for all future dates, due to be announced in May.

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