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Runaway Boys (Vinyl)

Brand: Stray Cats

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Stray Cats were formed by guitarist/vocalist Brian Setzer, upright bass player Lee Rocker and drummer Slim Jim Phantom in the Long Island town of Massapequa, NY, in 1979. The trio shared a love for rockabilly music and after banging around New York and Philadelphia for a few months, in the summer of 1980, they were persuaded by a mutual friend to hop on a plane to London where a rockabilly revival movement was just beginning to emerge. This anthology comprises some of the band's most popular songs, including 'Rock This Town', 'Stray Cat Strut', '(She's) Sexy + 17', and many more.

Track listing

Side A
1. Runaway Boys
2. Rock This Town
3. Baby Blue Eyes
4. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
5. Rumble in Brighton
6. Little Miss Prissy
7. Storm the Embassy

Side B
1. 18 Miles to Memphis
2. You Don't Believe Me
3. Cryin' Shame
4. Crazy Mixed up Kid
5. Rev It Up and Go
6. Ubangi Stomp

Side C
1. Stray Cat Strut
2. (She's) Sexy and 17
3. Built for Speed
4. Wild Saxaphone
5. Rebels Rule
6. Fishnet Stockings

Side D
1. I Won't Stand in Your Way
2. Double Talkin' Baby
3. My One Desire
4. Gonna Ball
5. Wicked Whisky
6. Drink That Bottle Down