Best Years 1974-2014 / The 40th Anniversary Collection (3CD + DVD)

3 CDS & 1 DVD + 28 PAGE BOOK! 50 songs & the classic 'Best Years Of Our Lives' concert film on DVD for the first time!

Features the hits, classic album tracks and rare singles as well as unreleased live & demo material.

Unreleased tracks include a 2006 co-write/demo with Kerryn Tolhurst of the Dingoes, and a 2014 co-write/demo with current guitarist Danny Spencer - a brand new song called 'Strings & Wood'.

The DVD - the legendary 1988 concert film 'The Best Years of Our Lives' - shows the power of the artist as a live performer, and features guests including Jimmy Barnes, Venetta Fields and Jon Farriss and Garry Gary Beers from INXS.

The lavishly packaged set features remastered sound, and includes numerous rare images and liners notes from rock critics Toby Creswell and David 'Dr Pepper' Pepperell, and long-time industry friend Philip Mortlock.

CD 1
Last Train To Marseilles
Prussian Blue
Blue Bay Blues
Throw Me Down A Line
Girls On The Avenue
Please Come Home
Kickin' The Moon Around
Casanova's Got The Blues
Need A Visionary
Suit Yourself
Highway One #2
Capricorn Dancer
Deep Water
Down In The Lucky Country
Goodbye Tiger
Wintertime In Amsterdam
Steppin' Across The Line
The Ghost Train (Demo)

CD 2
Sometimes The Fire
Get Back To The Shelter
Dark Spaces
The Best Years Of Our Lives
I Am An Island
The Universal
Walk On Water
Goodbye Barbara Ann
Thorn In My Saddle (Live)
Trust Somebody
Glory Road
Ace Of Hearts (Live)
Distant Thunder

CD 3
Oceans Of The Heart
Real Love
That Moon
Love Is Strong
Diamond Mine
What Does It Take To Get Lucky?
Great Ocean Road (Demo)
Liberty Bell (Rewired Version)
Katy's Leaving Babylon (Rewired Version)
High Society (Rewired Version)
Hearts On The Nightline (Rewired Version)
Blue Skies
Vapour Trails
Blowing Smoke Up At The Moon
Dancing With The Vampires
Sunny Side Up
Strings & Wood (Demo)

Deep Water
Girls On The Avenue
Capricorn Dancer
Trust Somebody
High Society
Ace Of Hearts
Blue Bay Blues
Katy's Leaving Babylon
Goodbye Tiger
Down In The Lucky Country
I Am An Island
Glory Road
The Best Years Of Our Lives

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