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The word 'special' gets bandied about so carelessly that we no longer hear it, but then every so often something comes along to give it new meaning. Something like Birdy. It's hard to believe that such a pure, powerful voice can come from such a tiny frame, or that such raw, deep emotion can be expressed by someone so young. But mainly, what all these new fans recognise is an artist who can take even a familiar song and make it completely her own. Birdy's self-titled debut is a collection of covers; this is what Birdy has said about the process, "Choosing songs for the album has been fun, she says, but also hard work. I'd listen to them, and then decide which ones I'd try out. Usually I just sit at the piano and work out an arrangement that feels like it's my style, then I'll work with the voice. And from that, I'd choose which ones I thought would be good for the album." The album features Birdy's soulful and sophisticated take on songs by Bon Iver (first single "Skinny Love"), The xx, Fleet Foxes, The National, Phoenix and The Postal Service.

Track Listing
1. 1901 (cover of Phoenix)
2. Skinny Love (cover of Bon Iver)
3. People Help the People (cover of Cherry Ghost)
4. White Winter Hymnal (cover of Fleet Foxes)
5. District Sleeps Alone Tonight (cover of The Postal Service)
6. I'll Never Forget You (cover of Zen Arcade)
7. Young Blood (cover of The Naked and the Famous)
8. Shelter (cover of The XX)
9. Fire & Rain (cover of James Taylor)
10. Without a Word"
11. Terrible Love (cover of The National)


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