Birdy - Music From The Film (Vinyl)

Birdy marks the first occasion that Peter worked with producer Daniel Lanois who went onto co-produce both Peter’s So and US albums. The soundtrack to the Alan Parker movie of the same it finds Peter flexing his creative muscles free of any commercial pressures and has a number of tracks built out of elements of existing tracks from Peter’s third and fourth solo albums.


A1           At Night

A2           Floating Dogs

A3           Quiet and Alone

B1           Close Up (from Family Snapshot)

B2           Slow Water

B3           Dressing the Wound

C1           Birdy's Flight (from Not One Of Us)

C2           Slow Marimbas

C3           The Heat (from The Rhythm of the Heat)

D1           Sketchpad with Trumpet and Voice

D2           Under Lock and Key (from Wallflower)

D3           Powerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain (from San Jacinto)

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