Everybody Wants A Piece (CD)


Size: CD

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RELEASE DATE: 9th October, 2015

With a career that goes back to the 1960s, Joe Louis Walker is one of trailblazers of the blues. The award-winning guitar slinger, vocalist and songwriter has played and recorded with everyone from Lightning Hopkins (who once threw him off the stage) to B.B. King to James Cotton. Walker has released 24 more albums and two DVDs and toured worldwide. He’s won four Blues Music Awards, including the 2010 Album Of The Year Award for Between A Rock And A Hard Place, and has been nominated for 47 more.

Raining fire with his guitar and spitting brimstone with his vocals, Everybody Want A Piece begins a brand new chapter in Joe Louis Walker’s already legendary career.


1.       Everybody Wants A Piece
2.       Do I Love Her
3.       Buzz On You
4.       Black & Blue
5.       Witchcraft
6.       One Sunny Day
7.       Gospel Blues
8.       Wade In The Water
9.       Man of Many Words
10.     Young Girls Blues
11.     35 Years Old

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