Forever and Then Some (CD)

Brand: Lillie Mae

Item: CD

Lillie Mae has been singing and playing on stages across America since she was but three years old. Her much-anticipated debut album, FOREVER AND THEN SOME,  sees the Music City-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist weaving classic country, bluegrass, and blues with her own extraordinary experiences to create a breath-taking song cycle of romance and struggle, solitude and adventure.


  1. Over the Hill and Through the Woods
  2. Honky Tonks and Taverns
  3. Wash Me Clean
  4. Loner
  5. Honest and True
  6. These Daze
  7. Forever and Then Some
  8. Nearing Home
  9. To Go Wrong
  10. Some Fine Day
  11. Dance to the Beat of My Own Drum