Girl (Anniversary Edition)

Brand: Eskimo Joe
To celebrate 21 years since the formation of Eskimo Joe, the platinum-selling band from Western Australia are reissuing their back catalogue in special new formats.
Over the next 12 months, the band’s albums ‘Girl’ (2001), ‘A Song Is A City’ (2004), ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’ (2006), ‘Inshalla’ (2009) and ‘Ghosts Of The Past’ (2011) will be reissued on coloured vinyl and as anniversary edition CD packages.

The first in the reissue series will be Eskimo Joe’s 2001 debut album ‘Girl’, which included the singles ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Who Sold Her Out’ and ‘Liar’. As well as being issued on limited edition green vinyl, the ‘Girl’ anniversary edition CD will feature the original album remastered and paired with 12 additional songs.

The album will be released on Friday March 16 and is available to pre-order now.

Head Hurts         
Wake Up             
Planet Earth       
Who Sold Her Out            
Love List               
Take A Rest        
Slow Down         
Sydney Song      
Just Like Me       
Hey Now             
Take A Rest (Demo)        
Old And New     
ASIO (Demo)     
Cathy Says (Demo)          
Love List (Demo)              
I Will (Demo)      
Just Like Me (Demo)      
Sydney Song (Demo)     
Who Sold Her Out (Acoustic)      
Planet Earth (Live At The Chapel)              
Liar (2018 Eskimo Joe Mix)