Godfather (CD)

Brand: Wiley

Item: CD

Fourteen years after debuting with the classic white label ‘Eskimo’ the legendary grime figurehead Wiley is set to reaffirm his status as the pioneer of the genre with the November 4 release of the new album ‘Godfather’.


1. Birds n Bars

2. Bring Them All

3. Name Brand ft Jme, Frisco. J2K

4. Speaker Box

5. Back With A Banger

6. Joe Bloggs ft Newham Generals & President T

7. Pattern Up Properly ft Flowdan & Jamakabi

8. Can't Go Wrong

9.Come Home

10. U Were Always ft Skepta

11. On This ft Chip, Ice Kid, Lady Leshurr & Ghetts

12. Bait Face ft Scratchy

13. My Direction ft Lethal Bizzle

14. Like It Or Not ft Breeze

15. Lucid

16. Laptop ft Manga

17. P Money Remix ft P Money (Bonus)