Hallucinations: Psychedelic - Pop Nuggets (Vinyl)

Side A
"Hallucinations (Single Version)" - Baker Knight & The Knightmares
"It's Love (Single Version)" - The Misty Wizards
"Break Away (Single Version)" - The Next Exit
"Looking At A Baby (Single Version)" - The Collectors
"Her Name Is Melody (Single Version)" - Adrian Pride
"Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies (Remastered Version)" - The Association

Side B
"Lantern Gospel (Single Version)" - The World Column
"Who Planted Thorn's In Miss Alice's Garden (Single Version)" - Tom Northcott
"Man Of Straw (Single Version)" - John Wonderling
"The White Pony (Single Version)" - Ellen Margulies
"Straight Aero (Single Version)" - Jeff Thomas
"My Mind Goes High (Single Version)" - M.C. 2

Side C
"Hell Will Take Care Of Her (Single Version)" - Brass Buttons
"Lucifer (Single Version)" - The Salt
"Strangers From The Sky (Single Version)" - Kim Fowley
"Antique Doll" - The Electric Prunes
"Astrologically Incompatible" - The Bonniwell Music Machine
"How Nice? (Single Version)" - The Tokens
"Your Love Belongs To Everyone" - The Coronados

Side D
"That's The Way It's Gonna Be"  - Lee Mallory
"House Of Glass" - The Glass Family
"Wildflowers" - The Holy Mackerel
"Porpoise Song (Theme from "Head")" - The Monkees
"Smell Of Incense" - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band