Holy Fire (CD/DVD Deluxe)

Brand: Foals

Title: CD/DVD

There is no doubt that this is Foals tipping-point moment. Their most recent, third album 'Holy Fire' recently reached gold status in the UK just ten weeks after release, a certified indication of how much this British guitar band has grown.

The RAH show, preceded by a matinee performance, sold out in less than 15 minutes, and stands as a career-defining moment for the band.

Never before has the Royal Albert Hall seen such a frenzied mosh-pit, with fans dancing on their seats and in the aisles. 'Fevered anticipation [was] replaced by a joyous party atmosphere as privileged punters realized they were witnessing one of the gigs of the year' said The Times newspaper (giving the show 5/5), while The Telegraph wrote that 'when they exploded into Total Life Forever, the sudden tension release sent frenzied fans bouncing up and down right up into the gods'.

Front-man Philippakis is a master of entertainment: throwing himself into the crowds, disappearing and reappearing throughout the hall, and lowering himself through a sea of hands, he controls and mesmerises their manic crowds, earning his band the reputation as the one of the most exciting guitar bands in the country.

The Holy Fire CD/DVD deluxe comes with a making of the album documentary entitled 'Nothing left unsaid'.

Holy Fire

1. Prelude
2. Inhaler
3. My Number
4. Bad Habit
5. Lights On The Bridge
6. Late Night
7. Out Of The Woods
8. Milk & Black Spiders
9. Providence
10. Stepson
11. Moon