Long Walk Home (Vinyl)

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RELEASE DATE: 28th July, 2017

Long Walk Home is an album based on the music from the film Rabbit Proof Fence. Written and produced by Peter, the album is the end result of two years work with the film’s director Phillip Noyce and brings together a multitude of different musical origins, cultures, instruments and vocalists.


A1           Jigalong

A2           Stealing the Children

A3           Unlocking the Door

A4           The Tracker

A5           Running to the Rain

B1           On the Map

B2           A Sense of Home

B3           Go Away Mr Evans

B4           Moodoo's Secret

B5           Gracie's Recapture

C1           Crossing the Salt Pan

C2           The Return (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

D1           Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue - Reprise)

D2           The Rabbit-Proof Fence

D3           Cloudless 


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