Old Yellow Moon

'Old Yellow Moon' was first released to critical acclaim in 2013 and was the first official collaboration from the duo since Crowell joined Harris's Hot Band as guitarist and harmony singer in 1975.

Produced by Brian Ahern, 'Old Yellow Moon' features four songs written by Crowell as well as interpretations of songs such as Hank DeVito's "Hanging Up My Heart," Roger Miller's "Invitation to the Blues," and Allen Reynolds' "Dreaming My Dreams," among others.

'Old Yellow Moon' won the 2013 Grammy Award winning album for Best Americana Album Of The Year, and was also named one of the best albums of the year by American Songwriter and Uncut, and one of the best americana albums of the year by Mojo.

Hanging Up My Heart
Invitation to the Blues
Spanish Dancer
Open Season on My Heart
Chase the Feeling
Black Caffeine
Dreaming My Dreams
Bluebird Wine
Back When We Were Beautiful
Here We Are
Bull Rider
Old Yellow Moon