Pure Blues (CD)


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Pure Blues is a compilation album of Alvin Lee’s music both with Tden Years After and his solo work was released in 1995. The album featured singles “Don’t Want You Woman” from Ten Years After’s self titled debut album as well as “I Woke Up This Morning”, “The Stomp” (both from the SSSSH album) and two killer live tracks “Slow Blues in C” and “Help Me” from the Recorded Live album.


  1. Don't Want You Woman
  2. The Bluest Blues
  3. I Woke Up This Morning
  4. Real Life Blues
  5. The Stomp
  6. Slow Blues In 'C'
  7. Wake Up Moma
  8. Talk Don't Bother Me
  9. Every Blues You've Ever Heard
  10. I Get All Shook Up
  11. Lost In Love
  12. Help Me
  13. Outside My Window