R. Strauss: Don Quixote (Vinyl)


Release date: 6th July, 2018

“She clearly was born to play the cello” wrote the New York Times of Jacqueline du Pre in 1967. Just five years later her career was cut tragically short by illness. This 1968 recording of Strauss’s Don Quixote, which was not released until 1995, makes its first appearance on LP.

Fantastic variations on a Theme of Knightly Character for cello, viola & orchestra, Op. 35. Featuring Herbert Downes, Desmond Bradley, Sir Adrian Boult and the New Philharmonia Orchestra.

Side A
Introduktion : Mäßiges Zeitmaß
Mäßig - The Knight of the Mournful Countenance
Variation I: Gemächlich - The adventure of the windmills
Variation II: Kriegerisch - The battle with the sheep
Variation III: Mäßiges Zeitmaß - Dialogue of Knight and Squire
Variation IV: Etwas breiter - The adventure with the procession of penitents
Variation V: Sehr langsam - Don Quixote's vigil

Side B
Variation VI: Schnell - Dulcinea's enchantment
Variation VII: Ein wenig ruhiger als vorher - The ride through the air
Variation VIII: Gamächlich - The adventure of the enchanted boat
Variation IX: Schnell und stürmisch - The battle with the enchanters
Variation X: Viel breiter - Don Quixote's defeat and journey home
Finale: Sehr ruhig - The death of Don Quixote