Salutations (CD)


Item: CD

Meanwhile, Oberst simultaneously moved ahead with his plans to record with the band, heading to the famed Shangri-la Studios in Malibu to record Salutations - co-produced with Keltner and engineered by long-time musical compadre Andy LeMaster. 
Salutations includes full band versions of the ten songs from Ruminations, plus seven additional songs, some from an additional session at 
Five Star Studios in Echo Park in fall 2016 (complete track list below).  


1. Too Late To Fixate                                            
2. Gossamer Thin                                                
3. Overdue                                                         
4. Afterthought                                                   
5. Next Of Kin                                                     
6. Napalm                                                           
7. Mamah Borthwick                                            
8.Till Saint Dymphna’s Kicks Us Out                        
9. Barbary Coast
10. Tachycardia
11. Empty Hotel By The Sea
12. Anytime Soon
13. Counting Sheep
14. Rain Follows The Plow
15. You All Loved Him Once
16. A Little Uncanny
17. Salutations