Satan’s Graffiti or Gods Art (VINYL)

Brand: Black Lips

Item: 12" VInyl

Atlanta’s valiant punks Black Lips have announced that their first album in three years, Satan’s graffiti or God’s art?, is set for release May 5 via Vice Records. Produced by Sean Lennon at his studio compound in upstate New York throughout 2016, the album is the group’s most musically evolved to date, while still staying true to their original blistering take on fuzzy, dirty rock n roll


Side 1

  1.  Overture: Sunday Mourning   

  2.  Occidental Front   

  3.  Can't Hold On   

  4.  The Last Cul de Sac   

Side 2

  1.  Interlude: Got Me All Alone   

  2.  Crystal Night   

  3.  Squatting in Heaven   

  4.  Interlude: Bongos Baby   

  5.  Rebel Intuition   

Side 1

  1.  Wayne   

  2.  Interlude: Elektric Spider Webz   

  3.  We Know   

  4.  In My Mind There's A Dream   

Side 2

  1.  Lucid Nightmare   

  2.  Come Ride With Me   

  3.  It Won't Be Long   

  4.  Loser's Lament    

  5.  Finale: Sunday Mourning