Second Nature

Flying Colors is the talent-ridden supergroup consisting of guitarist Steve Morse, drummer Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, bass player Dave LaRue  and the comparatively new talent, pop singer/songwriter Casey McPherson.  The band challenged conventional wisdom about combining virtuoso music and melodic songwriting in their new album, 'Second Nature.'

"The first album was very much a blind date," Mike Portnoy explains. "Although we already had 'Team Dregs' of Steve/Dave and 'Team Transatlantic' of myself/Neal, it was the first time that the five of us had collaborated together as a group. This time there was an existing chemistry, we had not only the prior experiences of making the debut album but also the 2012 tour as well."

Stunning artwork from the legendary designer Hugh Syme (Dream Theater, Iron Madien) and bookended by two tracks of truly epic stature – "Open Up Your Eyes" and the multiple-part "Cosmic Symphony" – the album is every bit as breathtaking as the debut.

Perhaps Steve Morse sums things up best with the statement: "This is an album full of many layers. The more you listen, the more you can hear. It's an album to keep listening to."

Open Up Your Eyes
Mask Machine
Bombs Away
The Fury Of My Love
A Place In Your World
Lost Without You
One Lost Forever
Peaceful Harbor
Cosmic Symphony (I. Still Life Of The World/II. Searching For The Air/III. Pound For Pound)