Snakes and Ladders / The Best of Faces (Vinyl)

Brand: Faces
Release date: June 1st 2018

Warner Music are proud to release a series of Greatest Hits collections from ten of their classic catalogue artists on vinyl.  

Many made available on vinyl for the first time, the releases include collections of career defining hits from artists including Madonna, Phil Collins, Notorious B.I.G, Rod Stewart, The Pogues, a-ha and many others. Released on the first two Fridays in June, these greatest hits vinyl collections are set to become must-have items for fans old and new.

Track listing
Side 1
Pool Hall Richard  
Cindy Incidentally
Ooh La La               
Sweet Lady Mary       
Pineapple And The Monkey        

Side 2
You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything
Had Me A Real Good Time       
Stay With Me  
Miss Judy's Farm      
Silicone Grown    
Around The Plynth