So There (CD)

Ben Folds pivots with his forthcoming album, So There, available on October 16, 2015. He embraces strings and chamber music yet still maintains his love of pop music. So There consists of eight songs Folds has dubbed “chamber rock” recorded with the immensely talented New York-based Classical Sextet ensemble  yMusic, along with a recording of Folds’ 21-minute concerto for piano and orchestra in 3 movements. When Folds was introduced to yMusic, he knew that a musical collaboration with them could bridge the gap between the classical-oriented concerto and the contemporary chamber rock songs that intersect on So There. The combination is an inspired work on both small and grand scales.


1.       Capable of Anything
2.       Not A Fan
3.       So There
4.       Long Way To Go
5.       Phone In A Pool
6.       Yes Man
7.       F10-D-A
8.       I’m Not The Man
9.       Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 1
10.   Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2
11.   Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 3

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