Spurts! Punk & Post-Punk From The '70's & Beyond

Brand: Various

Item: CD

A bargain-priced 4CD, 93 track compilation to celebrate the so-called 40th Anniversary of punk, ‘Spurts!’ (which takes its name from a Richard Hell song) actually goes back further than 40 years, to ‘pre-punk’ groups like the Stooges, the Velvet Underground and the MC5. In addition to the best English, American and Australian bands from the ‘70s punk era, it also includes a disc of classic ‘post-punk’ stuff, and another disc of ‘80s-to-now punk sounds, including the likes of the Misfits, the Offspring and the Living End.  The album was compiled with the assistance of Joe Hansen, original guitarist for current Melbourne punks Clowns (who are also featured), and the group featured on cover is the Teenage Radio Stars from Melbourne, featuring a young James Freud and Sean Kelly circa 1978.