Stand Up: The Elevated Edition (2CD/DVD)

Stand Up was the first album where Anderson controlled the music and lyrics, resulting in a group of diverse songs that ranged from the swirling blues of “A New Day Yesterday” and the mandolin-fueled rave-up of “Fat Man,” to the group’s spirited re-working of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Bouree in E Minor.” 

Features Rare And Unreleased Music, Plus Live Footage From A 1969 Concert In Sweden.



  1. A New Day Yesterday
  2. Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
  3. Bouree
  4. Back To The Family
  5. Look Into The Sub
  6. Nothing Is Easy
  7. Fat Man
  8. We Used To Know
  9. Reasons For Waiting
  10. For A Thousand Mothers
  11. Living In The Past
  12. Driving Song
  13. Bouree* (Morgan Version)
  14. Living In The Past (Original 1969 Stereo Single Mix)
  15. Driving Song (Original 1969 Stereo Single Mix)
  16. A New Day yesterday (BBC Sessions)
  17. Fat Man (BBC Sessions)
  18. Nothing Is Easy (BBC Sessions)
  19. Bouree (BBC Sessions)


  1. Introduction
  2. My Sunday Feeling
  3. Martin's Tune
  4. To be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
  5. Back To The Family
  6. Dharma For One
  7. Nothing Is Easy
  8. A Song For Jeffrey
  9. To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be (First Show Version)
  10. Living In The Past (Original 1969 Mono Single Mix)
  11. Driving Song (Original 1969 Mono Single Mix)
  12. Stand Up Radio Spot #1
  13. Stand Up Radio Spot #2


Steven Wilson remixes in 96/24 PCM stereo and DD/DTS 5.1 surround
96/24 flat transfer of Stand Up original stereo master tapes from June 5, 1969
96/24 flat transfer of original mono and stereo mixes of “Living In The Past” and “Driving Song”
Video footage from Stockholm 1969: “To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be” and “Back To The Family”

* Previously Unreleased


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