The Ballad Of Sally Rose (Vinyl)


Release date: June 1st 2018

Harris once called this concept album a country opera. Released in 1985, the song cycle is based loosely on her short time with influential singer-songwriter Gram Parsons, who died in 1973. Known more for singing songs written by others, this was Harris’ first self-composed album and it remains one of her favorites.

Side A
“The Ballad Of Sally Rose”
“Rhythm Guitar”
“I Think I Love Him/You Are My Flower”
“Heart To Heart”
“Woman Walk The Line”
“Bad News”

Side B
“Long Tall Sally Rose”
“White Line”
“Diamond In My Crown”
“The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo”
“Sweet Chariot”

Side C
“Timberline” – Demo*
“The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo” – Demo*
“Sweet Chariot” – Demo*
“The Ballad Of Sally Rose” – Demo*
“Heart To Heart” – Demo*

Side D
“Woman Walk The Line” – Demo*
“White Line” – Demo*
“Diamond In My Crown” – Demo*
“Rhythm Guitar” – Demo*
“Bad News” – Demo*

* previously unreleased