The Best Of The Waterboys '81-'91 (CD)


Item: CD

The Best of The Waterboys is a compilation album by The Waterboys released 29 April 1991. The album harbors their most renowned pieces from 1981 to 1990, bringing to light their dockside effervescence with songs like ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ and ‘Strange Boat’. Superb at conveying atmosphere with their instruments, the Waterboys added depth and uniqueness to the musical landscape of the 1980s.

Track Listing:

  1. "A Girl Called Johnny"
  2. "The Big Music"
  3. "All The Things She Gave Me"
  4. "The Whole of the Moon"
  5. "Spirit"
  6. "Don't Bang the Drum"
  7. "Fisherman's Blues"
  8. "Killing My Heart"
  9. "Strange Boat"
  10. "And a Bang on the Ear"
  11. "Old England" (performed live)
  12. "A Man Is in Love"