The Cloud Hills Tapes Pts. I, II & III


The Clouds Hill Tapes Part I, II and III are 20 new songs produced by Johann Scheerer and performed by Omar Rodríguez López and a range of guest musicians. They are released as a 3 x 12" vinyl box set. It comes with 10 monochrome photographic prints takes during the recording session at Clouds Hill Studio in 2019

Only very few songwriters and arrangers have succeeded in leaving their mark on several generations with their compositions and their performances. Omar Rodríguez-López is one of these exceptional artists. Just hearing his name brings a shine to the eyes of aficionados of hard or virtuoso or cosmic music. Listening to his music you can feel it: This is someone who completely abandons himself to his art – and someone with an incredible amount of knowledge about the depth of possibility guitar music can explore.

During the 2000s Omar Rodríguez-López released an astonishing variety of solo works. On these recordings the artist used pieces that had accumulated over the years. However, what has so far been missing is a release that brings together the pieces from that era. This wait now has come to an end for here are The Cloud Hill Tapes, Part I – III featuring 20 tracks that present his music in a new light. Omar Rodríguez-López has long considered the Hamburg Clouds Hill studio his creative second home.

These original tapes can incidentally be seen on the covers of the three albums resulting from the sessions. The Cloud Hill Tapes will be one of the reference works in the musical cosmos of this unique artist.

Release date: 25th September, 2020

Track listing:

Roman Lips
Bitter Tears
Houses Full Of Hurt
Science Urges
Fool So Bleak
Arcos Del Amor
To Kill A Chi Chi
Diamond Teeth
Vanishing Tide
Eastern Promises
Through Wires
Killing Out
We Feel The Silence
Winter‘s Gone
It All Begins With You
Running Away
Paint Yourself A Saint
Born To Be A Nobody
Tell Me What I Did Wrong