The Fall of Hobo Johnson (Exclusive Coloured Vinyl)



  • The Fall of Hobo Johnson Exclusive Color Vinyl LP
  • The Fall of Hobo Johnson Digital Album Download

The light blue translucent vinyl LP is exclusive to the Official Hobo Johnson store. Frank picked it out himself, so you know it’ll be good. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide.

*Please note that, due to the vinyl production process, actual color may differ from the product image.

Release date: 13th September, 2019

Track Listing:

  • Typical Story
  • Mover Awayer
  • Ugly Kid (feat. Elohim)
  • You & the Cockroach
  • Subaru Crosstrek XV
  • Moonlight
  • Happiness
  • All in My Head
  • Ode to Justin Bieber (feat. Jack Shoot & JMSEY)
  • February 15th
  • Sorry, My Dear
  • I Want a Dog