The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings (3CD/BluRay)


Rhino will once again return to Middle-earth on July 27 with the second soundtrack from the Trilogy. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS – THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS will be released on vinyl for the first time as a 5-LP boxed set. Housed in a collector’s box with a blue leather-style spine, the collection is limited to 8,000 individually numbered copies on blue vinyl. The soundtrack will also be available as a 3-CD disc set, plus 1 Blu-ray audio disc containing high-resolution 5.1 and stereo mixes of the entire score, a reactivation of the 2006 box set featuring the entire score from the extended versions of the film. Both versions come with extensive liner notes from author Doug Adams, who analyzes many of the themes and motifs used throughout the score.

The music for all three films was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Howard Shore. The music he wrote for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra with contributions from the choirs: the London Voices and the London Oratory School Schola boy’s choir. The album was certified gold in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada and won the Grammy Award ® for Best Score Soundtrack Album.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS – THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS is the second of in a series of three releases that includes The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) on color vinyl for the first time. More information on the final release in the series will be available at a later date.

CD 1

1.       Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All

2.       The Shire

3.       Bag End

4.       Very Old Friends

5.       Flaming Red Hair

6.       Farewell Dear Bilbo

7.       Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

8.       A Conspiracy Unmasked

9.       Three Is Company

10.   The Passing Of The Elves

11.   Saruman The White

12.   A Shortcut To Mushrooms

13.   Strider

14.   The Nazgûl

CD 2


1.       Weathertop

2.       The Caverns Of Isengard

3.       Give Up The Halfling

4.       Orthanc

5.       Rivendell

6.       The Sword That Was Broken

7.       The Council of Elrond Assembles / "Aníron" (feat. Enya)

8.       The Great Eye

9.       Gilraen's Memorial

10.   The Pass Of Caradhras

11.   The Doors Of Durin

12.   Moria

13.   Gollum

14.   Balin's Tomb


CD 3

1.       Khazad-dûm

2.       Caras Galadhon / "Lament For Gandalf" (feat. Elizabeth Fraser)

3.       The Mirror Of Galadriel

4.       The Fighting Uruk-hai

5.       Parth Galen

6.       The Departure Of Boromir

7.       The Road Goes Ever On... Pt. 1

8.       Enya - May It Be

9.       The Road Goes Ever On... Pt. 2 / "In Dreams" (feat. Edward Ross)





  1. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Advanced Resolution Surround)                  
  2. The Shire (Advanced Resolution Surround)                         
  3. Bag End (Advanced Resolution Surround)                            
  4. Very Old Friends (Advanced Resolution Surround)                          
  5. Flaming Red Hair (Advanced Resolution Surround)                          
  6. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Advanced Resolution Surround)                     
  7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Advanced Resolution Surround)                    
  8. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Advanced Resolution Surround)                           
  9. Shore - Three Is Company (Advanced Resolution Surround)                       
  10. The Passing Of The Elves (Advanced Resolution Surround)                          
  11. Saruman The White (Advanced Resolution Surround)                    
  12. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Advanced Resolution Surround)                       
  13. Strider (Advanced Resolution Surround)                              
  14. The Nazgûl (Advanced Resolution Surround)                     
  15. Weathertop (Advanced Resolution Surround)                   
  16. The Caverns Of Isengard (Advanced Resolution Surround)                          
  17. Give Up The Halfling (Advanced Resolution Surround)                   
  18. Orthanc (Advanced Resolution Surround)                           
  19. Rivendell (Advanced Resolution Surround)                         
  20. The Sword That Was Broken (Advanced Resolution Surround)                   
  21. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Advanced Resolution Surround)                         
  22. The Great Eye (Advanced Resolution Surround)                               
  23. Gilraen's Memorial (Advanced Resolution Surround)                     
  24. The Pass Of Caradhras (Advanced Resolution Surround)                               
  25. The Doors Of Durin (Advanced Resolution Surround)                     
  26. Moria (Advanced Resolution Surround)                
  27. Gollum (Advanced Resolution Surround)                             
  28. Balin's Tomb (Advanced Resolution Surround)                  
  29. Khazad-dûm (Advanced Resolution Surround)                  
  30. Caras Galadhon (Advanced Resolution Surround)                            
  31. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Advanced Resolution Surround)                             
  32. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Advanced Resolution Surround)                
  33. Parth Galen (Advanced Resolution Surround)                    
  34. The Departure Of Boromir (Advanced Resolution Surround)                       
  35. The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 1 (Advanced Resolution Surround)                               
  36. Enya - May It Be (Advanced Resolution Surround)                           
  37. The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 2 (Advanced Resolution Surround)                               
  38. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All                     
  39. The Shire                            
  40. Bag End                               
  41. Very Old Friends                             
  42. Flaming Red Hair                             
  43. Farewell Dear Bilbo                        
  44. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe                       
  45. A Conspiracy Unmasked                              
  46. Three Is Company                          
  47. The Passing Of The Elves                             
  48. Saruman The White                       
  49. A Shortcut To Mushrooms                          
  50. Strider                 
  51. The Nazgûl                         
  52. Weathertop                      
  53. The Caverns Of Isengard                             
  54. Give Up The Halfling                      
  55. Orthanc                               
  56. Rivendell                            
  57. The Sword That Was Broken                      
  58. The Council of Elrond Assembles / "Aníron" (feat. Enya)                               
  59. The Great Eye                  
  60. Gilraen's Memorial                         
  61. The Pass Of Caradhras                  
  62. The Doors Of Durin                        
  63. Moria                   
  64. Gollum                
  65. Balin's Tomb                      
  66. Khazad-dûm                     
  67. Caras Galadhon / "Lament For Gandalf" (feat. Elizabeth Fraser)                
  68. The Mirror Of Galadriel                
  69. The Fighting Uruk-hai                    
  70. Parth Galen                       
  71. The Departure Of Boromir                          
  72. The Road Goes Ever On... Pt. 1                 
  73. Enya - May It Be                              
  74. The Road Goes Ever On... Pt. 2 / "In Dreams" (feat. Edward Ross)                            
  75. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Dolby Surround)                 
  76. The Shire (Dolby Surround)                        
  77. Bag End (Dolby Surround)                           
  78. Very Old Friends (Dolby Surround)                         
  79. Flaming Red Hair (Dolby Surround)                         
  80. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Dolby Surround)                    
  81. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Dolby Surround)                   
  82. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Dolby Surround)                          
  83. Three Is Company (Dolby Surround)                      
  84. The Passing Of The Elves (Dolby Surround)                         
  85. Saruman The White (Dolby Surround)                   
  86. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Dolby Surround)                      
  87. Strider (Dolby Surround)                             
  88. The Nazgûl (Dolby Surround)                     
  89. Weathertop (Dolby Surround)                  
  90. The Caverns Of Isengard (Dolby Surround)                         
  91. Give Up The Halfling (Dolby Surround)                  
  92. Orthanc (Dolby Surround)                           
  93. Rivendell (Dolby Surround)                        
  94. The Sword That Was Broken (Dolby Surround)                  
  95. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Dolby Surround)                         
  96. The Great Eye (Dolby Surround)                              
  97. Gilraen's Memorial (Dolby Surround)                     
  98. The Pass Of Caradhras (Dolby Surround)                              
  99. The Doors Of Durin (Dolby Surround)                    
  100. Moria (Dolby Surround)                               
  101. Gollum (Dolby Surround)                            
  102. Balin's Tomb (Dolby Surround)                  
  103. Khazad-dûm (Dolby Surround)                 
  104. Caras Galadhon (Dolby Surround)                           
  105. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Dolby Surround)                            
  106. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Dolby Surround)                
  107. Parth Galen (Dolby Surround)                   
  108. The Departure Of Boromir (Dolby Surround)                      
  109. Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 1 (Dolby Surround)                             
  110. Enya - May It Be (Dolby Surround)                          
  111. Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 2 (Dolby Surround)                             
  112. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Dolby Stereo)                       
  113. The Shire (Dolby Stereo)                             
  114. Bag End (Dolby Stereo)                
  115. Very Old Friends (Dolby Stereo)                               
  116. Flaming Red Hair (Dolby Stereo)                               
  117. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Dolby Stereo)                         
  118. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Dolby Stereo)                         
  119. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Dolby Stereo)                               
  120. Three Is Company (Dolby Stereo)                            
  121. The Passing Of The Elves (Dolby Stereo)                               
  122. Saruman The White (Dolby Stereo)                        
  123. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Dolby Stereo)                           
  124. Strider (Dolby Stereo)                   
  125. The Nazgûl (Dolby Stereo)                          
  126. Weathertop (Dolby Stereo)                       
  127. The Caverns Of Isengard (Dolby Stereo)                               
  128. Give Up The Halfling (Dolby Stereo)                       
  129. Orthanc (Dolby Stereo)                
  130. Rivendell (Dolby Stereo)                              
  131. The Sword That Was Broken (Dolby Stereo)                       
  132. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Dolby Stereo)                              
  133. The Great Eye (Dolby Stereo)                    
  134. Gilraen's Memorial (Dolby Stereo)                          
  135. The Pass Of Caradhras (Dolby Stereo)                   
  136. The Doors Of Durin (Dolby Stereo)                          
  137. Moria (Dolby Stereo)                    
  138. Gollum (Dolby Stereo)                  
  139. Balin's Tomb (Dolby Stereo)                       
  140. Khazad-dûm (Dolby Stereo)                       
  141. Caras Galadhon (Dolby Stereo)                 
  142. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Dolby Stereo)                  
  143. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Dolby Stereo)                     
  144. Parth Galen (Dolby Stereo)                        
  145. The Departure Of Boromir (Dolby Stereo)                           
  146. The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 1 (Dolby Stereo)                    
  147. Enya - May It Be (Dolby Stereo)         
The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 2 (Dolby Stereo)