The Randy Newman Songbook

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ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 12th December, 2016

The Randy Newman 3cd set is packaged in a ‘clamshell’ box and comes with a 36-page booklet

3CD set release of the recent, acclaimed The Randy Newman Songbook vinyl box set.

The content is the three Songbook albums (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3).  Vol. 1 is remastered, and Vol. 3 includes 5 bonus tracks.

Note: the sequence of the CD format is not the same as the “thematic” sequence of the vinyl box set.  Instead, the CD and digital formats are sequenced in the same way as the original individual album releases.


CD – Vol.1

1     It’s Lonely at the Top
2     God's Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind)
3     Louisiana 1927
4     Let Me Go
5     Rednecks
6     Avalon
7     Living Without You
8     I Think It's Going to Rain Today
9     You Can Leave Your Hat On
10   It's Money That I Love
11   Marie
12   When She Loved Me
13   Sail Away
14   The World Isn't Fair
15   Political Science
16   The Great Nations of Europe
17   In Germany Before the War
18   Ragtime 

CD2 – Vol.2

1     Dixie Flyer
2     Yellow Man
3     Suzanne
4     The Girls in My Life (Part 1)
5     Kingfish
6     Losing You
7     Sandman's Coming
8     My Life Is Good
9     Birmingham
10   Last Night I Had a Dream
11   Same Girl
12   Baltimore
13   Laugh and Be Happy
14   Lucinda
15   Dayton, Ohio – 1903
16   Cowboy 

CD3 – Vol.3 + Bonus Tracks (*)

1     Short People
2     Mama Told Me Not to Come
3     Love Story
4     Burn On
5     You've Got a Friend in Me
6     Rollin'
7     Guilty
8     Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
9     Davy the Fat Boy
10   Red Bandana
11   Old Man
12   Real Emotional Girl
13   I Love to See You Smile
14   I Love L.A.
15   Bad News from Home
16   I'll Be Home
17. Feels Like Home*
18. A Wedding in Cherokee County*
19. Family Album: Homage to Alfred, Emil and Lionel Newman*
20. A Few Words in Defense of Our Country *
21. I'm Dreaming *

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