When It Was Now (CD)

"When It Was Now" is the debut record from these native South Australians. Most of the album was engineered by Ryan Gilligan, who has worked with John Mayer, Coldplay, Christina Perri and Grouplove and mixed by Jeremy Wheatley who has mixed for The Ting Tings, Goldfrapp and Deadmau5.

The album was mastered by mastering heavyweight Bob Ludwig, who has mastered records for the likes of Tori Amos, Paul McCartney, Guns N' Roses, Tool, Radiohead and Madonna.

Track Listing:
1. Electric
2. If So
3. Back Seat
4. Trojans
5. Through the Glass
6. On A Day
7. Centred On You
8. Don't Make a Scene
9. All These Girls
10. When It Was Now
11. Symptoms

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