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Young For Eternity (CD)

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On 27th March 2020, The Subways will reissue their 'Young For Eternity' debut, alongside their second record ‘All Or Nothing’ on limited edition, numbered, red and limited edition, numbered, orange, 180 gram vinyl respectively and each will include a unique poster. Produced by Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds), ‘Young For Eternity’ saw The Subways delivering material of the quality you’d expect from seasoned songwriters twice their age, while performing it with the kind of reckless abandon that crackled with the intensity, soul and sexuality that only the exuberance of youth could truly provide. Veering from rambunctious punk thrash to tender acoustic pop through grungy blues-infected dynamos like the addictive top 20 singles, ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Rock & Roll Queen’, the latter of which was used in the Kate Moss starring Rimmel adverts, The OC, Guy Richie’s RocknRolla and Die Hard 4, The Subways' full-bore sonic momentum is fired by raw power riffing and Billy Lunn's primal rock yelp. Tracks such as ‘Mary’ and ‘No Goodbyes’ also displayed a melodic maturity far beyond the band's tender years.

Track listing

Disc 1:
1. I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say / 2. Holiday / 3. Rock & Roll Queen (Radio Edit) / 4. Mary / 5. Young for Eternity / 6. Lines of Light / 7. Oh Yeah / 8. City Pavement / 9. No Goodbyes / 10. With You / 11. She Sun / 12. Somewhere / 13. At 1 AM / 14. Automatic / 15. I Am Young / 16. With You (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 17. Young for Eternity (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 18. City Pavement (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 19. I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 20. Lines of Light (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 21. Oh Yeah (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 22. Mary (Live at Reading Festival 2006) / 23. Rock & Roll Queen (Live at Reading Festival 2006)

Disc 2:
1. At 1AM (Transgressive Single Version) / 2. You Got Me (Transgressive Single Version) / 3. I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say (Transgressive Single Version) / 4. I'm in Love (Abandoned Single Version) / 5. You Got Me (Abandoned Single Version) / 6. Take Me Away / 7. Under the Sun / 8. Another Sense / 9. Staring At the Sun / 10. A Plain Above / 11. I Lost You to the City / 12. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away / 13. Road to Nowhere / 14. AT 1AM (Demo) / 15. I'm in Love (Demo) / 16. No Heart, No Soul (Demo) / 17. Milk (Demo) / 18. We Get Around (Demo) / 19. My Star (Demo) / 20. At 1AM (Zane Lowe Session) / 21. I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say (Zane Lowe Session) / 22. With You (Zane Lowe Session) / 23. Oh Yeah (Draussen Version) / 24. With You (Zwischen Version) / 25. Rock & Roll Queen (Innen Version) / 26. Somewhere (Umgeben Version)

Release date: 27th March, 2020

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