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Back On The Streets Again (CD)

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BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN - AUSTRALIAN FUNK, SOUL & PSYCH (MOSTLY) FROM THE FESTIVAL VAULTS is a stunning 20 track CD and 2LP release that highlights a point when the previously disparate styles of rock, jazz and soul all started influencing each other, and exciting new genres were created.


  1. Billy Thorpe - Back On The Street Again
  2. The ID -  Feel Awright
  3. Ross D Wyllie - Do The Uptight
  4. Johnny Rocco Band - Funky Max
  5. Daly-Wilson Big Band (Featuring Kerrie Biddell) - City Sounds
  6. Dalvanius And The Fascinations - Voodoo Lady
  7. Renee Geyer - Be There In The Morning
  8. John Sangster - Hair
  9. Ray White Revival - Superstition
  10. Festival Studio 24 Orchestra - Africa (L'ete Indien)
  11. Brute Force & His Drum – Weird and Wonderful
  12. McPhee - The Wrong Time
  13. Kahvas Jute - Odyssey
  14. Tamam Shud - Sea That Swells (from Morning of the Earth)
  15. Blackfeather - The Rat Suite “Main Title”
  16. Al Styne - Vehicle
  17. McPhee - Indian Rope Man
  18. Hot Source - Oz Bump (Soul Thing)
  19. Count Copernicus & The Cosmic Fire - Painted Ego
  20. John Sangster - A Day In A Life


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