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Release Date: April 27th 2018

For her 12th studio album Campfire, iconic Australian singer songwriter Kasey Chambers takes us back to her earliest musical influences.

“I think I’ve wanted to make this album my whole life,” Kasey says. “I grew up with such a unique childhood living on the Nullarbor Plain with my family for the first 10 years of my life. We did all of our cooking on open fire - my dad hunted for our food and then mum would put it in the camp oven. After we’d eaten, my dad brought out the guitar and we’d all sit around this campfire and play music together. For this album I wanted to bring people to the campfire that was such a big part of my life when I was growing up.”

Campfire sees Kasey backed by The Fireside Disciples, a collective featuring guitarist Brandon Dodd of Grizzly Train, Kasey’s musician father Bill Chambers and Broome musician and Yawuru elder Alan Pigram. As well as being influenced by her family’s time living in the Australian outback, Campfire draws on three other significant locations in Kasey’s growth as an artist.

“Australia, Africa, Norfolk Island and America are the places and cultures that have most influenced me,” Kasey says. “I can honestly say my first visit to Africa in 1998 changed my life - I just felt this beautiful connection in Africa and the music affected me so much, it got into my heart and soul. When I came back from Africa I was spending a lot of time living on Norfolk Island and I made my debut album The Captain there, so this was a huge influence on my life as well. I have also spent many years touring in America and being very connected to that country, both musically and creatively. All four of these big influences in my life have been put into an album, now everyone is invited to come and sit and listen to us jam songs around the campfire, this place that has been such a big part of my life.”

A revered live performer, Kasey Chambers’ shows on her forthcoming Campfire tour will feature songs and stories from each of the album’s four influential locations. The intimate shows will be sure to captivate audiences across Australia thanks to Kasey’s unique presence and vivid performances.


  1. The Campfire Song (feat. Alan Pigram)
  2. Go On Your Way
  3. Orphan Heart
  4. Goliath is Dead
  5. Abraham
  6. Early Grave
  7. The Harvest & The Seed (feat. Emmylou Harris)
  8. Big Fish
  9. Junkyard Man
  10. Now That You've Gone
  11. This Little Chicken (feat. My Dad)
  12. Fox & The Bird
  13. Happy (feat. The Little Pilgrims)


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