Death Rattle (CD)

Brand: Complete

One of Australian Hip Hop's most anticipated debuts to date - Throughout this release Complete touches on his open struggle with mental illness, addiction, relationships break-downs and family turmoil; all while showing off his untouchable knack for story-telling, dark sense of humour and his always well thought-out fierce wordplay. Being an open book, this album is yet another nail in the coffin of his descending demons and the rise of who he was born to be - one of Australia's finest emcees.

Track listing

1. Born For This
2. Hangman
3. The Trouble feat. Bitter Belief, Greeley & Manaz Ill
4. Mi Goreng Kings
5. Death Rattle
6. Geronimo feat. Defekt, Omac, Kogz, Mysc & Sever
7. I Am King
8. The Prequel
9. Jordan
10. Helicobacter High feat. Drapht
11. Up and Down
12. Scabby Abbey
13. Self Diagnosis
14. Taxi
15. Eyes To The Floor feat. Mitchos Da Menace, Sever & K21
16. Before You Go feat. Cat Elvin