Fleetwood Mac (Expanded)



Disc One: Original Album Remastered and Singles
Monday Morning
Warm Ways
Blue Letter
Over My Head
Say You Love Me
World Turning
Sugar Daddy
I’m So Afraid
Over My Head (Single Version)
Rhiannon (Single Version)
Say You Love Me (Single Version)
Blue Letter (Single Version)

Disc Two: Alternates and Live
Monday Morning (Early Take)
Warm Ways (Early Take)
Blue Letter (Early Take)
Rhiannon (Early Take)
Over My Head (Early Take)
Crystal (Early Take)
Say You Love Me (Early Version)
Landslide (Early Version)
World Turning (Early Version)
Sugar Daddy (Early Take)
I’m So Afraid (Early Version)
Over My Head (Live)
Rhiannon (Live)
Why (Live)
World Turning (Live)
Jam #2
I’m So Afraid (Early Take Instrumental)