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Greatest Hits (CD)

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A very generous 28-track single-disc set of the best of the Seekers, this collection has everything the casual listener might need and more. The big hits, "Georgy Girl" and "I'll Never Find Another You," are here, along with pleasant but hardly distinctive versions of an assortment of folk revival-era standards like "Five Hundred Miles," and the dilemma of a singing group caught between folk and AM radio pop without a distinctive in-house songwriter is apparent. Still, the Seekers were a polished, professional group and Judith Durham's warm, appealing Judy Collins-like voice is always a joy to hear.

Track listing
Morningtown Ride (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Island of Dreams (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
I'll Never Find Another You (Mono) [2009 Remaster]
Walk with Me (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Yesterday (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
California Dreamin' (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
The Carnival Is Over (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Danny Boy (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Well Well Well (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
Kumbaya (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Colours of My Life (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
Blowin' in the Wind (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) [Stereo] [1999 Remaster]
Red Rubber Ball (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
We Shall Not Be Moved (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Five Hundred Miles (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Turn Turn Turn (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
Georgy Girl (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
Myra (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
A World of Our Own (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Some Day One Day (Mono) [2009 Remaster]
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Whiskey in the Jar (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]
Open up Them Pearly Gates (Mono) [2009 Remaster]
Emerald City (Mono) [2009 Remaster]
When Will the Good Apples Fall (Mono) [2009 Remaster]
The Last Thing on My Mind (Stereo) [1999 Remaster]
The Eriskay Love Lilt (Stereo) [2009 Remaster]


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