Black Noi$e 12" Vinyl


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The debut album from DJ and producer Black Noi$e, real name Robert Mansel and a signee to Earl Sweatshirt's Tan Cressida imprint established under the Warner umbrella. Having produced tracks for Danny Brown, BbyMutha and Wiki on top of acting as a touring DJ for Earl, Mansel calls in those favours for a spectacular LP of uppercuts inspired by instrumental hip-hop and Detroit techno in equal measure

Release date: 27th AUgust, 2021


1. 14 Trillion - Black Noi$e
2. Sorry (Feat. Raphy) - Black Noi$e
3. Tight Leash (Feat. MIKE) - Black Noi$e
4. The Band (Feat. Liv.e) - Black Noi$e
5. Mo(u)rning (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt) - Black Noi$e
6. George s Baby (Feat. GVVAAN) - Black Noi$e
7. Glitch (Feat. Duendita) - Black Noi$e
8. Oblivion (Feat. Pink Siifu) - Black Noi$e
9. 1999 (Feat. Danny Brown) - Black Noi$e
10. Mutha Magick (Feat. BbyMutha) - Black Noi$e
11. Bonnie & CLyde (Feat. ZelooperZ) - Black Noi$e
12. 33 - Black Noi$e
13. Dragon Dance (Feat. Cousin Mouth) - Black Noi$e


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