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Running The Voodoo Down (2CD)

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‘Running The Voodoo Down’ looks at a time when African-American music was exploring myriad new directions against a backdrop of incredible and explosive social change and features the likes of FUNKADELIC, JAMES BROWN, MILES DAVIS, LIGHTNING ROD & JIMI HENDRIX, KEITH JARRETT, BUDDY MILES, THE METERS, THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS, SWAMP DOGG,  JAMES ‘BLOOD’ ULMER and SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. Whilst not a lot of this music was commercially successful at the time, its importance and its influence on subsequent generations of artists – both black and white – has continued to grow over the years.



  1. Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothing (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) - James Brown
  2. Red Hot Mama - Funkadelic
  3. Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip - Fugi
  4. Cherrystones - Eugene Mc Daniels
  5. Ohio/Machine Gun - The Isley Brothers
  6. Time Has Come Today - The Chamber Brothers
  7. Total Destruction To Your Mind - Swamp Dogg
  8. Have A Real Time - Keith Jarrett
  9. Patience Is Virtue - William S. Fischer
  10. Willie Nelson (take 3) - Miles Davis
  11. Thrills Of Love - WARLOCK
  12. Liar - The Meters


  1. California Dreamin' - Eddie Hazel
  2. Down By The River - Buddy Miles
  3. Like A Rolling Stone - The Undisputed Truth
  4. Doriella Du Fontaine - Lightnin' Rod & Jimi Hendrix
  5. Jazz Is The Teacher - James 'Blood' Ulmer
  6. I Feel Bad - Pure Hell
  7. Maggot Brain - Funkadelic
  8. If You've Got It, You'll Get It - The Headhunters
  9. Brown Rice - Don Cherry
  10. In A Silent Way (Live) - Santana
  11. Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Afric - Sly & The Family Stone



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