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The John Peel Sessions 1979-1983 (CD)

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The John Peel Sessions 1979-1983 is a collection of all the Radio 1 John Peel sessions that Echo & The Bunnymen performed in the formative years of the band. According to Echo & The Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant, these recordings could quite simply be some of the most significant in the band’s career.

“Without John Peel sessions, Echo And The Bunnymen in my opinion, would not exist! It’s that simple. The band got so much support from him and John Walters (Peel’s producer). Recording a Peel session was essential to the development of our songwriting skills while at the same time giving us amazing exposure and self-belief.”

Formed in Liverpool in 1978, this collection of 21 tracks are from the very beginning of the band’s existence. With little money, the band used them to demo new material. Many of the songs were written due to the fact a Peel session had been booked, not because the show loved the new songs - demonstrating the level of trust, confidence and love they had for the band.

During this period (1979-1983) for the band, they became one of the most important bands of the post-punk scene. Echo & The Bunnymen’s debut album Crocodiles was released in July 1980, giving them top 20 chart success in the UK. Their next album, Heaven Up Here (1981), was an even bigger critical and commercial success, reaching number 10 in the UK charts. But it was their third album Porcupine in 1983 that saw them move into the mainstream with it peaking at number two in the charts and spawn multiple top 10 singles.

Release date: 6th September, 2019

1. Read It In Books
2. Stars Are Stars
3. I Bagsy Yours
4. Villiers Terrace
5. The Pictures On My Wall
6. All That Jazz
7. Over The Wall
8. All My Colours
9. That Golden Smile
10. Heaven Up Here
11. Turquoise Days
12. Taking Advantage
13. An Equation
14. No Hands
15. Silver
16. Seven Seas17. The Killing Moon
18. Nocturnal Me
19. Watch Out Below
20. Ocean Rain
21. My Kingdom


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