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TMG Live (Expanded CD)

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Originally released in 1979, the 11 track LP has been remixed and remastered and 10 extra tracks from the same 1977 & ‘78 shows have been added. This new edition includes never before heard live recordings of the hits ‘Jump In My Car’ and  ‘Crazy’, covers of ’60 Rolling Stones hits  ‘It’s All Over Now’ and ‘The Last Time’ and more.

The Ted Mulry Gang - TMG – formed in ’72 and hit it big in 1975 with the unforgettable ‘Jump In My Car’. Prior to that, Ted had been known as a balladeer;  with his own group behind him he became an unrepentant rocker. Gang members Herm Kovac on drums and Les Hall on guitar both came from Newcastle’s Velvet Underground. No that Velvet Underground; this Velvet Underground had nothing to do with Lou Reed and is best known as Malcolm Young’s band before AC/DC. As Malcolm’s former band mates  - and as AC/DC’s label mates for a time on Alberts - TMG were AC/DC’s compatriots in those early days and, although TMG were poppier (and originally the far more successful band), the two bands together helped shape the classic guitar-driven and boogie-influenced Alberts Oz Rock sound.  Indeed so close were the ties back that legendary AC/DC bassplayer Mark Evans these days is a standing member of TMG!


  1. My Little Girl
  2. Giving Up On Your Love
  3. Without You
  4. Too Bad
  5. Sha La La Lee
  6. It's All Over Now
  7. Heart Of Stone
  8. Disturbing The Peace
  9. Naturally
  10. Gonna Be Somebody
  11. Help Me Out
  12. I Miss You
  13. (You've Got The) Devil In You
  14. You Got It
  15. Jump In My Car
  16. The Last Time
  17. I'm Free
  18. Goodbye
  19. Dinah
  20. Crazy
  21. Darktown Strutters Ball


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